Three Things You Need to Know to Play Xoc Dia on EMPIRE777

xoc dia

The Vietnamese gambling game Xoc Dia is gaining popularity worldwide thanks to its quick speed and easy rules. The game of Xoc Dia played with three dice, is simple yet amusing and might provide hours of fun. At EMPIRE777, you may join the Xoc Dia celebrations by following a few steps. This post will comprehensively introduce the game of Xoc Dia and the knowledge you need to begin winning consistently.

Numerous online establishments have gained a sizable piece of the Malaysian iGaming Market thanks to the industry’s meteoric rise over the past decade. Compared to its rivals in Malaysia, this brand stands head and shoulders above the rest because of its impeccable reputation. Considering all the events and advertisements, this is to be expected.

Most of the casino’s offerings are video slots from industry heavyweights like Playtech, Play’n Go, and Microgaming. Still, the site also features several wagering products, such as Xoc Dia, tailored to the Malaysian market. Additionally, In 1909, Vietnam was the birthplace of this infamous game.

Live Xoc Dia is available to all registered users at the casino. The rules of Xoc Dia have been outlined, so getting up to speed on the game should be relatively easy.

For instance, each round in Xoc Dia entails determining which of six possible wagers is correct. Within the allocated time, you must correctly guess the number of Xoc Dia Chips and their color. If you want to keep your spot in the current betting round, you should act before the time limit expires.

This Xoc Dia tutorial aims to inform players about their betting possibilities to make more informed decisions and prevent losing money due to hasty wagers. So, if you want to know more about the Xoc Dia Bet Types, keep reading!


Live Xoc Dia offers six different betting possibilities, as was previously mentioned. Thankfully, everyone can make sense of these betting choices. Choose three or four white chips to represent low-stakes bets. These chips magically appear after the Xoc Dia dealers have deposited the coins into the betting dish. Listed below is further data on the various betting options provided by Live Xoc Dia.

Similar Tone

It’s a bet that all four coins will stay the same color. The payout multiplier is 15 times the initial bet.


The wagers are on a mix of four coins, three of which will be red and one white. The return on investment is 3.8 times the stake.

Partial Risks

Bets are placed on which of the three coins will be heads. Payouts equal 1.98 times the initial stake.

Big Bet

The big bet is that all three chips turn out to be red. Payouts equal 1.98 times the initial stake.


Three coins of the same color and one coin of the opposite hue are expected to surface for four coins. The return on investment is 19.5% of staked funds.


Lastly, The player is betting on the appearance of four coins, two red and two white. The return on investment is 19.5% of staked funds.


xoc dia

Live Xoc Dia may be accessed in only three simple steps, making it one of the most user-friendly games in Live Casino. The following are some of those measures:

A First Step: Register and Sign In

Give the Live Casino your details by signing up for an account. Then, put in at least RM30 to start your account. A person can sign in and then look for Live Xoc Dia.

After that, Locate a Real-Time Xoc Dia and Set a Betting Cap

Within Live Casino, choose Club-W to get to Xoc Dia. Next, decide how much money can be bet on the game. We advise betting more than the minimum, which is more than RM10. The payment value upon winning should reflect the higher wagers.

Once players have started betting on Live Xoc Dia, the third step

To create a budget. Setting a wagering limit is more important, although these budgets let gamers keep playing without going overboard. In addition, Bet what you can afford if you’re just starting in gambling. Otherwise, one’s non-gambling financial independence could be at risk.


You have learned how to gamble and how much money is needed for Live Xoc Dia. However, we have supplied three more suggestions that may significantly affect profits. A Malaysian player’s bankroll can be boosted, and more prizes can be earned, for instance, thanks to the numerous promotions offered by this casino. As a result, these tips can affect how your future events play out.

Bonuses on Deposits

The Live Casino has an MYR377 welcome bonus for new players. In addition,  A minimum RM30 deposit is required to participate in this program. If you want to play Live Xoc Dia with lightning speed, we advise you to take advantage of this bonus and make at least the required amount.

Methods of Gambling

Unfortunately, betting tactics don’t matter in Live Xoc Dia. Bettors might learn from past successes or failures by analyzing their betting histories. Players might increase their chances of winning by placing bets based on their knowledge of these patterns. However, payoffs might be unpredictable at best.

Open betting

Registered gamblers can take advantage of free bets, so gamers are not limited to bonuses that need a monetary investment. In Addition, The value of these risk-free bets ranges from RM100 to RM250.



EMPIRE777 Casino offers a wide range of payment options and the quickest, simplest, and safest platform for deposits and withdrawals. Through our online banking, credit cards, cash deposits, CDM, over-the-counter, and local bank transfers, we accept a variety of currencies, including THB, USD, MYR, and VND.

Payment options:

  • My Cash
  • E-wallet
  • Payz
  • Neteller
  • DuitNow

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