What is Evolution Mega Ball and How to Play This Online

Evolution Mega Ball 復習

Live casino games are quite popular, and Evolution Mega Ball represents a worthy addition to its genre. Its unique design and high-quality live streaming make it a favorite among online casino lovers. In this review, we’ll look at the different aspects of Evolution Mega Ball and provide information to help you make a smart choice before joining the action.

Mega Ball Game Objective

First-person Mega Ball is a one-of-a-kind, fun, and fast-paced game show that includes a Mega Ball Bonus round, which you can earn even more thanks to the increased multipliers! Purchase a pack of cards for the value you want to play with, and then simply complete lines of numbers on your card(s) while the ball drawing machine draws numbered balls randomly. Aim for maximum lines per card; the greater the number of lines obtained, the greater the potential winnings.


You can play First Person Mega Ball with 1–400 cards and a machine that draws balls. There is a blank space in the middle of each 5×5 cell card and 24 randomly placed unique numbers. People see the free square as a square that has already been marked. If you get a line of five squares going across, down, or diagonally, you win. Each card has nine lines you can win.

Main Game Round

Purchase a pack of playing cards at the price you’ve chosen. You can add extra card packets after purchasing the initial packet and adjust the value of your cards while the betting period is open. Your chosen card value will be automatically applied to all of your cards.

Regardless of how many cards you have, they will all be viewable on screen. You can zoom in on a certain card at any time. If you want to change the numbers on a certain card, simply zoom in on it and, while the betting time is still active, click the refresh numbers button until you are satisfied with the new numbers.

To start the ball drawing, click or tap the PLAY button after you’ve bought your cards. Twenty of the fifty-one numbered balls are picked at random by the Ball drawing machine.

As soon as the number of the drawn Ball fits a number on any of your cards, a badge is put on that number. When you collect a full line, your winnings for each card are immediately updated and shown below the card that goes with it.

As the balls are chosen one by one, your cards will be fixed and rearranged automatically, with the most likely winning card at the top.

To make things even more exciting, you can see on the screen how much you could win if a certain ball is chosen. The numbers you should see on the balls will be marked in gold on your cards.

Also, the drawn balls are updated instantly and can be seen on your screen.

Mega Ball Bonus Round

There are one or two fun Mega Ball Bonus rounds after all 20 balls have been picked in the main game round. The Mega Ball Bonus round starts with a Mega Ball multiplier that can be anywhere from 5x to 100x. To find out how many Mega Balls there are, an extra ball is drawn from the machine that draws balls.

If the Mega Ball number fills in any line on your card(s), the Mega Ball multiplier increases the amount you win on that card.

When there isn’t a full line, the Mega Ball number is treated like any other ball, and the payout doesn’t go up.

You will only get paid out by the largest multiplier if you have more than one Mega Ball in a winning line on the same card.

Game result

When the game round is over, your cards are laid out again, and only the winner cards are shown on the screen. The sum of your winnings is calculated instantly and shown to you on the screen.

Recent Multipliers

While betting time is open, the most recent Mega Ball multipliers are shown.

Mega Ball Payouts

Number of LinesPayout
6+9,999 – 999,999 : 1
5 lines999 – 99,999 : 1
4 lines249 – 24,999 : 1
3 lines49 – 4,999 : 1
2 lines4 – 499 : 1
1 line1X (push) – 99 : 1

There is a maximum amount of money you can win in a game round. To learn more, look at the Bet Limits table.

Please keep in mind that if something goes wrong, the game round and any prizes won during it are void. Bets will be paid back.

The pay table games changes all the time, and as a ratio is chosen, the win amounts shown will go up. The win amount is only given out if the multiplier lands on a pay line that wins.

Based on one card, the best potential return-to-player (RTP) percentage is 95.40%.


The RTP ranges from 94.61% to 95.40%.

However, the number of cards bought affects the chance of getting the top prize, which is 6 or more lines with an exact 100X multiplier. With one card, the odds are about 1 in 13.4 billion, and with 400 cards, they are about 1 in 33.4 million. With a smaller multiplier, you have a much better chance of winning on six or more lines.

Place Bets

The minimum and highest bets that can be placed at the table are shown under the BET LIMITS panel heading.

First-Person Mega Ball: 0.05 to 500 Malaysian Ringgit.

First-person mega ball costs MYR 0.05 to 500.

You need enough money to cover your bets in order to play the game. You can see your BALANCE right now on the computer.

Pick the amount of your cards to place a bet. In addition, to make this number bigger or smaller, click or tap the “+” or “-” button next to the number button. Please keep in mind that the number you choose will be used for all of your cards.


Choose the game cards and make a bet. Then, click or tap the PLAY button to begin drawing the balls.


Pressing the UNDO button gets rid of the last pack of cards that was added. Click or tap the UNDO button more than once to remove card packets one at a time, going backward from the way they were added. If you hold down the UNDO button, you can get rid of all of your cards.


The TOTAL BET sign shows how much money has been bet so far in this round.

REPEAT: The “repeat” button lets you add the same number and amount of cards to all of your bets from the last round of the game. Press this button

LIVE SUPPORT—If you have questions about the game, you can contact Live Support.

AUTOPLAY: Once you’ve made a bet, Autoplay lets you repeat that bet or bets for a certain number of game rounds. Place your bets and then click or tap the Autoplay button to start it. Besides that, you can start Autoplay by choosing how many rounds of bets you want to be made again in the Autoplay panel. As soon as Autoplay starts, the number of rounds left will be changed.

The number of Autoplay rounds times the value of your total bet gives you your overall Autoplay bet amount. It says so under each Autoplay games card. Once Autoplay has begun, your leftover Autoplay limit will also be shown below each Autoplay round card.

Your choices of automatic game rounds will keep going until either you click or tap STOP to stop Autoplay or the number of rounds you chose is up.

STOP—Once Autoplay is turned off, you can click or tap REPEAT to repeat bets and games that you have already chosen.

SPEED: Between rounds, you can change how fast the game goes. You can choose between Fast, Normal, and Relax.

GAME HISTORY: The game history shows the rounds and scores of your Evolution games.

Rules for Disconnection

We will return your bet if the link drops after you place it but before you click or tap the Play button. The game’s random number generator will decide the winner if the link drops between placing a bet and pressing the Play button in that case. In the History window, you’ll be able to see how the game turned out after you reconnect.

How to Deposit Funds to Play Mega Ball Live Casino Game Online

It’s really simple to add funds to your empire777casino.com account and begin playing Mega Ball. You can get started by following these straightforward steps:

Step 1 – Go to Wallet > Deposit on your dashboard. This enables you to discover the deposit address for depositing e-wallets or crypto.

Step 2 – Decide on the most suitable deposit method for you. EMPIRE777 supports several E-wallets and cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and others.

Step 3 – When asked where to send the funds, add the deposit address you retrieved from your account.

In addition, learn more about deposit and withdrawal methods for betting with our online payment methods guide at EMPIRE777.

If you encounter any issues with Mega Ball or any other amazing games on our site, you can contact our helpful customer service support team, who will resolve any issues that you have. We can also help you with adding cryptocurrency to your EMPIRE777 account.

Evolution Mega Ball Mobile Experience

Gaming on the Go

The mobile experience of Evolution Mega Ball caters to bettors who prefer gaming on the go. However, the seamless mobile interface ensures that the gaming experience remains enjoyable and convenient.

Compatibility and Performance

Evolution Mega Ball design to be compatible with a range of mobile devices, ensuring optimal performance across various platforms. The mobile version maintains high-quality streaming, interactive features, and overall gaming experience. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, bettors can expect a smooth Evolution Mega Ball experience.


The fact that empire777 login mobile Evolution Mega Ball draws are random makes the luck factor in Evolution Mega Ball stand out. Every draw is different, and each person has an equal chance of winning. Luck is an important part of the game because it makes it unpredictable and makes each round exciting.

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