Live Roulette – Rules, Odds, Payouts, & Tips Explained


Evolution gaming popular Live roulette has produced different versions of the game online. It doesn’t matter if you want to play roulette in a real casino or online. You should know the basic rules and the different kinds of bets you can make. We put together this in-depth guide to roulette that covers how to play, its different types, tips, and a lot more.

What is Roulette?

Roulette (called after the French word for “little wheel”) is a casino game that was most likely derived from the Italian game Biribi. People who play roulette can bet on a single number, a group of numbers, the color red or black, an odd or even number, or numbers that are high (19–36) or low (1–18).

Live Roulette Table & Roulette Wheel Explained

Roulette Table

A big round wheel, a ball, and a felt playing area make up the roulette table.

The ball is spun on the wheel, which is in the middle of the table. The wheel has 36 slots, each with a number from 0 to 36. The slots are red and black, which turns every other turn except for the 0, which is usually green.

The felt betting setup is where the bets are made. The layout is broken up into parts with numbers that match the numbers on the wheel. Each player can put one or more chips on a single number, a group of numbers, or a mix of numbers. The way the table is set up can be split into two parts: the Inside and the Outside.

The Inside has 36 numbered circles that are either red or black. The Outside has groups of numbers, like Red or Black and Odd or Even.

For beginners, Outside Bets like Red or Black are a good place to start because they cover more of the table. There is a better chance of winning with these bets than with Inside bets, but the return is less.

When you play different kinds of roulette, the table structure and rules may be a little different, but the basic parts and functions of the roulette table stay the same.

Roulette Wheel

The roulette wheel is the most important part of the table, and it’s also where the game’s name comes from. The wheel is a round piece of equipment with numbered slots. A small ball is spun around it and finally stops in one of the slots. The winning result of the spin is based on the number on the pocket where the ball lands.

One green 0 is in the middle of a European wheel with 18 red pockets, 18 black pockets, and one green 0. The American roulette wheel is the same, but it has an extra green 00 spot.

The numbers on the wheel are set up in a certain order, though the exact order may be a little different based on the type of roulette being played. The wheel’s pocket numbers are not grouped in numerical order. Instead, they are set up in a way that is meant to give the numbers a fair and random distribution.


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Play Online Roulette

The regulations of online roulette are similar to those used in land-based casinos. Follow our roulette strategy guide, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

1. Place your bet

If you are playing online, choose a chip size to gamble with. Then, place your chips on the bet you want to make.

2. Spin the wheel

Online roulette has no time limit. So, when you’re ready, press the ‘Spin’ button. This will send the ball into the simulated wheel.

3. The outcome/result

The roulette wheel will come to a stop, and the ball is going to land in a pocket. A random number generator decides the result of an online roulette game.

Hold your breath. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a payout. Following the announcement of the result, the next round begins.

Roulette Variations

European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette are the three primary variations of roulette that may be played. Live roulette variants are offered by an extensive selection of online casinos.

European Roulette

At internet casinos, European roulette is the most played type of roulette.

The European wheel contains 37 pockets numbered 0 through 36. The single zero reduces the house edge, often known as the casino’s advantage, to just 2.7%. The minimal house edge is one of the reasons why European roulette is popular among players.

American Roulette

American roulette is a Las Vegas classic. The American roulette game adds a double zero to the wheel, resulting in 38 pockets in total. This extra pocket does not alter the rules, but it does influence a player’s chances of winning. The house edge for this type is 5.26%, which means the odds favor the house more than in European roulette.

French Roulette

French roulette utilizes the same wheel as European roulette and offers the same betting possibilities. There are two exceptions: ‘la partage’ and ‘en jail.’ These regulations serve as insurance, ensuring that players lose just half of their stake if the ball lands on zero. Aside from that, the rules of French roulette are the same.

Speed Roulette

Evolution created Speed Roulette to provide gamers with a speedier playing experience. It’s the fastest roulette game you can find online. The betting time is 10 seconds, while the entire game takes 25 seconds. There is no full or half table, like in previous editions. The dealer sits behind the wheel and spins the ball from there, similar to Immersive Roulette.

Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette was revolutionary, and copycats followed. Multi-HD cameras have changed gameplay by showing diverse angles of the tables and wheel.

Slow-motion replays made Immersive roulette special. Immersive wheel still has its own space in Riga Studio. Instead of a roulette table, the dealer spins the wheel. Previous results are shown on the screen and a dealer-side BillBoard. Like those in land-based casinos. The roulette dealer is usually chatty, and the table’s isolation makes it easier to hear them. Players probably engage most at this table. With a 25-second betting time, game rounds last 48 seconds.


Roulette Odds & Payouts Explained

Roulette odds are the probability of a bet winning on any spin. Each roulette bet has odds based on the number of possible outcomes and their probability.

In American roulette, a straight-up bet on a single number has odds of 1 in 38 because there are 38 possible outcomes on the wheel (numbers 1-36, plus 0 and 00), and only one will win.

An even-money bet on red or black in American and European roulette has odds of 47.37% since there are 18 black and 18 red numbers on the wheel, plus one or two green numbers (0 and 00 in American roulette, and only 0 in European roulette).

The green numbers offer the casino an edge over the player; therefore, the odds are not 50%.

Players who wish to make smart bets and manage their finances must understand roulette odds. Remember that while certain wagers have better odds than others, roulette is always a game of chance, and no outcome can be predicted.

How to Calculate Roulette Odds & Payouts

Dividing the number of possible outcomes for a specific bet by the total number of possible outcomes on the wheel is a simple way to figure out the odds in roulette. Here are the steps you need to take to figure out the odds for three of the most popular types of roulette bets:

A straight-up bet is a bet on just one number. For European roulette, the odds are 1 in 37, and for American roulette, they are 1 in 38. To find the odds, divide one by the number of possible results, which could be 37 or 38.

Split bet: This is a wager on two numbers that are next to each other on the table. For European roulette, the odds are 1 in 18, and for American roulette, they are 1 in 19. To find the odds, divide two by the number of possible possibilities, which is 37 or 38. Then, multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage.

This bet is on whether the ball will land on a red or black spot. For both European and American roulette, the chances of winning are about 47.37%. To find the odds, split the number of red or black pockets by the total number of outcomes, which is 37 or 38. Then, multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage.

In roulette, the odds don’t change from one spin to the next. This is essential because it implies that the odds of winning or losing on every particular spin are the same regardless of what has transpired previously.

Real Live Roulette Features

There are three screen layouts to pick from. When the internet speed is low, Classic View is displayed.

Multi-Camera View

In-Depth Roulette is where the Multi-Camera view got its start. During the game, the HD cameras instantly switch between different views to give you the best view of the table and wheel. This is a fun game for everyone in the dealer business, even the most experienced ones.

3D View

The betting fields and racetrack are always shown on the table in the 3D View, which is a more standard view of the table. You’ll be lucky if the buyer looks you in the eye. The cameras are fixed.

Classic View

Since the interface uses less video bandwidth, the Classic View is mostly used when the link speed is slow. The great thing about this interface, though, is that all of the playing choices and chat are always visible without being on top of the wheel. This lets me talk to the player and listen to what other people are saying while I play.


How many numbers are there in Live Roulette?

On a European wheel, there are 18 red pockets, 18 black pockets, alternately colored, and a single green 0. American wheels are the same but with an additional green 00 pocket.

How do the Odds work in Live Roulette?

The payout in Roulette depends on what type of bet you place. A full guide to the payout odds can be found above.

What is the best roulette bet?

The best bet for a high payoff is one number. Any bet on one number has 37-to-1 odds and a significant payout. However, this bet is much less likely to win than red or black or another outside bet.


Roulette isn’t the most exciting or successful game in the casino. A lot of people think roulette is the classiest table game, which makes it a great experience. Roulette also has easy-to-understand rules and good chances for players. You can play live roulette at empire777 register despite the fact that you don’t understand how the game works, but I suggest you learn about it and study so you can make smart choices.

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