How to Play and Win Speed Baccarat


Evolution Gaming’s Speed Baccarat adds a powerful dose of adrenaline to the classic card game, making it ideal for anyone looking for a fast-paced, exciting ride. If you’re ready to disregard the slow pace of Baccarat and experience a flurry of betting choices, brace up – we’re going into the realm of Speed Baccarat!

Speed Baccarat Key Features

  • Up to 200x maximum wins
  • Max betting time is 10 seconds
  • Game rounds last 30 seconds
  • View historical game outcomes with detailed statistics
  • Bet on Perfect Pair, P Pair/B Pair, and P Bonus/B Bonus side bets

How to Play Speed Baccarat – Basic Rules

Speed Baccarat is an exciting and fast-paced card game that brings a thrilling twist to our classic Baccarat. In this gaming situation, players make bets on the outcome of a pair of cards dealt to entities called the Player and the Banker.

The objective is to predict which hand will have a total value closest to nine. What makes Speed Baccarat unique is the speedy pace at which the game unfolds. Unlike traditional Baccarat, Speed Baccarat is designed for players who enjoy quick and dynamic gameplay. The dealing of cards occurs with speed, and the game progresses swiftly, injecting a sense of excitement into the overall experience.

Participants place their wagers on either the “Player,” the “Banker,” or a tie before the commencement of card distribution in the Thai Speed Baccarat game. The dealer then swiftly reveals the cards and the winning hand is determined.

The game’s fast pace adds an element of excitement and suspense, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy the thrill of quick decision-making.

It keeps players engaged with its fast-paced gameplay and the possibility of rapid victories, ensuring an exciting experience for all.

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Speed Baccarat Bets, Payouts, and Bonus

In the high-paced world of Speed Baccarat, players have the opportunity to elevate their gaming experience with enticing side bets that offer the potential for more substantial winnings.

P Pair/B Pair

One of the intriguing side bets in Speed Baccarat is the P Pair/B Pair option. This wager comes to fruition when the cards dealt to either the player or Banker result in a pair. For example, if the player is dealt two cards of the same rank, such as two 7s, the P Pair bet pays out. The same holds true for the Banker. This side bet allows players to capitalize on the occurrence of pairs within the primary hands.

Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair side bet takes the thrill to a whole new level. If the player or Banker receives not just any pair but an identical pair in both suit and value, the payout is an impressive 25:1. For instance, if the player is dealt two 9s of hearts, the Perfect Pair bet comes to fruition. Moreover, if both the player and banker’s hands boast identical pairs, the payout skyrockets to an exhilarating 200:1. This presents a rare and highly rewarding opportunity for players seeking extraordinary returns.

Either Pair

In the realm of Either Pair, players can relish the chance to win if either the banker or player positions secure pairs. This side bet broadens the scope of possibilities, allowing players to celebrate a win as long as one of the hands contains a pair.

P Bonus/B Bonus

For those fascinated by the allure of natural 8s or 9s, the P Bonus/B Bonus side bet beckons. If either the player or Banker is dealt a natural 8 or 9, this bet pays out. A natural 8 or 9 occurs when the initial two cards sum up to either 8 or 9 without drawing any additional cards.

In the fast-paced environment of Speed Baccarat, these side bets not only heighten the excitement but also offer players the chance to amplify their winnings through strategic and well-timed wagers.

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Strategic Approaches for Speed Baccarat

Online Speed Baccarat is a fast-paced version of the classic Baccarat game, and seasoned players often look for advanced techniques to enhance their gameplay. Here are some advanced strategies and tips for seasoned players in Thai Speed Baccarat:

Card Counting

While card counting is generally associated with games like blackjack, some players also attempt to keep track of the cards in Baccarat, including live Speed Baccarat. This method includes giving a score to each card and keeping track of the total score to figure out the proportion of cards with higher values compared to those with lower values left in the deck.

Pattern Recognition

Experienced players often look for patterns in the game, trying to identify streaks or trends in the outcomes. Some players use scorecards to track the results of previous hands, looking for patterns such as the dominance of Player, Banker, or ties.

Banker-Bias Betting

Some players believe in betting consistently on the Banker’s hand, as they think it has a slightly higher probability of winning. While this strategy doesn’t guarantee success, it can be part of a long-term betting approach for seasoned players.

Progressive Betting Systems

Seasoned players may use progressive betting systems like the Martingale or Fibonacci system. These systems involve adjusting the size of bets based on previous outcomes. However, it’s crucial to be cautious with these systems, as they keep the fundamental odds of the game the same.

Set Win/Loss Limits

Establishing clear boundaries for wins and losses is crucial. Experienced players recognize the significance of disciplined control over their bankroll. They define specific limits for the amount they are prepared to win or lose during a gaming session and strictly stick to these boundaries to avoid making decisions based on emotions.

Analyzing Game Speed

Thai Speed Baccarat is known for its fast-paced nature. Seasoned players pay attention to the game’s rhythm, adapting their betting strategies to the current pace. Being able to adjust quickly to changing conditions is crucial in this variant.

Psychological Aspects

Understanding the psychological aspects of the game is crucial. Reading opponents, recognizing patterns in their behavior, and managing your emotions can give seasoned players an edge in Thai Speed Baccarat.

Simulation and Practice

Use online simulations and practice platforms to refine strategies and test different approaches. This can help players become more comfortable with their chosen tactics and make better decisions in real-time.

Stay Informed

Stay updated on Baccarat’s latest trends, strategies, and developments. The gambling landscape is dynamic, and seasoned players always seek new information to give them an edge.

Bear in mind that although these tactics can improve your gaming experience. Engaging in gambling inherently entails a factor of chance. It is important to practice responsible gambling. And participants must refrain from wagering amounts exceeding their financial capacity to withstand potential losses.


Speed Baccarat is most enjoyed by professionals who are already versed in the game’s basic rules. If you want to pick up the pace, try this online-based alternative. This version is available at numerous online casinos such as Empire777 register and across the world. To enjoy continuous gameplay, ensure that your connection has a good quality and fast internet connection.

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