Ace of Spades Slot – A Comprehensive Review


We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this Ace of Spade slot game in this post. We’ll talk about everything about it, from how enjoyable it is to play to how amazing the visuals are and everything in between. And this Ace of Spades is great for both new and experienced players who want to have fun with slot games. Readers, let’s keep reading and learn more about Ace of Spades!

What is Ace of Spades

Play n Go’s Ace of Spades slot machine has three reels and only one payline, reaching back to the early days of fruit machines. This simple game style and vintage card design appeal to traditionalists. Look for three Ace of Spades to earn x2,500 on a three-coin stake.

How to Play

Use the game controls to pick a bet amount. Every spin, you can bet anywhere from 0.50 coins to 15 coins. Players will also have to pick a coin size between 1 and 3. Different coin sizes pay out differently, with three coins being the best.

There are a lot of payouts in this online slot games. If you get three of the same symbols on the reels, you’ll get paid. You will see playing card shapes, as well as crowns and clovers.

If you land the crown symbol, you’ll get 240 times your bet, which is a nice prize. The K sign only gives half of that. The Q sign pays about 75 times the bet. You will also get paid if you get the J, Q, and K on the reels at the same time. When matched with other game symbols, clover icons also pay out.


There is a theme of gaming. When you get three of a kind or a straight, the wheels pay out. Only the four-leaf clover, which has made its way into the deck as a small player, is not a playing card symbol.

Ace of Spades Slot Paytable

Ace of Spades is a basic slot game, but Play’n Go adds its usual navigation bar to the bottom screen so that you can change where your bets are placed. The only coin values that gamblers can use are 0.5 credits, 1 credits, and 5 credits. The number of coins that can be on the single-play line has to be set before the reels are spun. It can be anywhere from one to three. As many as one hundred autoplay spins can be set off by gamblers who choose the automatic spinning choice.

Other settings, such as the value of a single win and how much the credit amount goes up or down, can also be used to change the function. The Ace of Spades online slot game from Play’n Go has icons that are mostly very simple, but they also have interesting three-dimensional images. These signs are:

Symbol1-3 Coins
1x Clover2x – 6x
2x Clover5x – 15x
3x Any J, Q, or K5x – 15x
3x J10x – 30x
3x Clover10x – 30x
3x Q25x – 75x
3x K40x – 120x
3x Crown80x – 240x
3x Ace of Spades (wild)800x – 2,500x


Keep in mind that those boosts only work for one coin. The big prize on the Ace of Spades slot machine is 50,000 credits. To win it, you must bet three coins worth five credits each and line up three watermelons.

Ace of Spades Slot Special Features

Special Symbols

The wild card in the game is the Ace of Spades, which is also the most important card. To win the most money, pick 3 coins. This will give you 2,500 times your bet. It can also be used instead of other game icons.

Any winning combo that has wild symbols will be multiplied by 2. It will also pay four times for any winning combo that isn’t made up of 3 wilds. Since there are no scatters on the screen, you won’t be able to get any free spins.

Bonus Features

The slot doesn’t have any extra features, and you won’t need them anyway. You can get all the thrills and wins you need from the game’s wild sign.

Wild Card

The Ace of Spades symbol is the most valuable in the game. It can also be used as a wild symbol to help players make those important combos by swapping out any other symbol on the pay line. In this case, the Ace of Spades wild icon will either double or triple the regular win, depending on whether there are one or two of them on the payline.


Even though this slot machine doesn’t have a jackpot, it makes up for it with a big top win. Aim for the wild sign to get 2,500 times your bet back.

Iconic Spins

If you want a 3-reel game that is a little different from the standard fruit machine style, this Play’n Go slot machine is a great choice. Even so, the Ace of Spades slot machine still honors an important figure in the history of gaming. Plus, the game is very simple to play since there is only one number to think about. Still, the slot machine can pay out a maximum jackpot of 12,500 credits, and there are wilds that can multiply winnings to help bettors get going in the right way.

The RTP & Volatility

The best way to describe this Play’n GO spot is “less is more.” It also features like a lot of good times. However, this medium-risk mobile slot game does not offer Ace of Spades free spins. However, it does have a special symbol that can multiply your wins by two or even four. Aside from that, Ace of Spades’ RTP is set at 95%, which is a good level for a lot of online slots.

Real Money vs Free Play

Free Play: The Ace of Spades online slots can be played online for free, where players can play for fun without the chance to win real money. This version can be found on our website for free video slots with no download or login, which doesn’t require you to make an account.

Real Money Gameplay: People who want to win real money can play the real money game, which is available in Play’n Go casinos. People who choose this choice can get a lot of different bonuses and special offers from online casinos.



The Ace of Spades Review offers useful insights into the world of online gambling, showcasing the excitement and fun provided by platforms such as our casino site. With our detailed review and user-friendly interface, it’s clear that these gaming games provide an exciting experience for players looking for high-quality enjoyment. Whether it’s the engaging gameplay or the wide range of interesting features, Empire777 register stands out as a top choice for bettors wishing to improve their gaming experience.

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